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NTAP to 3D Space
Now available. We can accept NTAP data and convert those points to motion within the 3D environment.
Multimedia Presentations
Full Interactive DVD Presentations for your litigation needs ...
our demo CD
Samples of our work are available upon request. Order a demo CD now and investigate your options.   
Disaster Recovery
Overview of Disaster Recovery
Security incidents happen and you might not even know they occurred for days, months, or even years. Sometimes they may not even be detected. DDICOM has experience dealing with all types of security incidents. We provide our services discretely and can fully manage the incident from identifying the root source cause to restoration and fixing production information systems. We can also interface with law enforcement agencies to complete the prosecution process.

Data Restoration / Recreation of Fragmented Data
As information has become increasingly electronic, the need for the ability to recover data after a disaster is more and more important. A disaster could be a hardware failure or a malicious attack from external or internal resources. DDICOM can assist in restoring and recovery data.

Expert Witness Support Services
When damage has been done maliciously, sometimes a legal struggle could commence. >As technical experts, we can act as expert witnesses or provide technical expertise to help round out a technical analysis for an expert witness.

Department of Defense Security Clearance
Contacts with Providers
Large Inventory Test/Recovery Platforms
3D Animation

Modeling and Visualization

Accident Reconstruction

Product Modeling and Cutaways

Simulations and Demonstrations
network consulting
Network Design and Consulting Services

Architecture Design and Installation

Performance Monitoring and Optimization

Server Design and Installation

Software Selection and Installation
Information Security & Disaster Recovery
Information Security Services

Security Audits and Reviews

Security Policy Design

Advisory Services

Disaster Recovery Services

Data Restoration/Recreation of Fragment Data

Expert Witness Support Services

Forensic Analysis

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