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NTAP to 3D Space
Now available. We can accept NTAP data and convert those points to motion within the 3D environment.
Multimedia Presentations
Full Interactive DVD Presentations for your litigation needs ...
our demo CD
Samples of our work are available upon request. Order a demo CD now and investigate your options.   
Web Development
A Web Site is an important part of a business in today’s economy. They can help advertise and sell new products while also attracting new customers. The Web site itself is not a complete package, but only a part of an overall business plan. A few years ago having a web page was not even a consideration for many companies. Today, the technology, ease of use, and tremendous benefits that can be gained by a Web Site and use of the Internet has made it a high priority for companies looking to maintain and expand their customer base. A website is a statement and extension of your business.View it as an area where people come in to look around at the products and service offerings of your company.The site should be attractive as possible and should be changed periodically. You have a few precious moments to catch and hold the viewer’s attention. Make sure your best presentation is always showing.

E-Commerce Solutions
Taking another step forward, a Web Site can be a product offering place by your company. Online sales are increasing every year and attracting new customers every day. E-Commerce is becoming another realm for distributing your products. At DDICOM, we offer many E-Commerce solutions from package design solutions for just a few products to full custom development for online sales, inventory, tracking, and integration into your Accounting system. As this is a growing and changing field, most solutions are custom designed to suit your desires and needs.

Server Design and Implementation
Although not always associated with Internet Development, Today more than ever companies are configuring servers for online presentation of services to just corporate employees or customers and the public. Whatever the needs, we can design and implement servers and services for E-Mail services, Database, Integrated Collaboration, Proxy, or whatever your custom needs.
Internet Development
Internet Development Solutions

Web Development

E-Commerce Solutions

Server Design and Implementation
Firewall/Intrusion Detection Solutions
Firewall and Intrusion Detection Solutions
Meeting the needs and specialized skills required to design, install, and maintain today's best security solutions.
Firewall Integration and Design
Firewall Policy Review
Firewall Maintenance/Upgrades
Intrusion Detection
Network Alarms

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