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NTAP to 3D Space
Now available. We can accept NTAP data and convert those points to motion within the 3D environment.
Multimedia Presentations
Full Interactive DVD Presentations for your litigation needs ...
our demo CD
Samples of our work are available upon request. Order a demo CD now and investigate your options.   
Information Security
Overview of Internet Security
Internet Traffic Doubles every twenty days and with it so does the number of companies getting online and using the Internet as a medium to communicate with customers, remote sites, subsidiaries, and provide e-commerce solutions to the world. However,as most people know, the Internet is not a secure means of communication. It is now widely regarded as one of the easiest means for outsiders to gain unlawful corporate knowledge and gain access to a company's network. At DDICOM, we have developed several services designed to enhance your security level, review your current security measures already in place, or design from the ground up your connection to the Internet to provide you with a secure network.

Security Audits and Reviews
Network Infrastructure issues do not end after the initial design and installation. As your company grows, so does your need for additional bandwidth and the requirement of knowing when to expand. DDICOM offers Performance Monitoring Solutions from periodic reporting for long-term trend analysis to designing and installing real-time analyzers that can help you monitor and detect your network bottlenecks and high bandwidth departments. Additionally, DDICOM can assist you in identifying and optimizing your network applications to prevent unnecessary traffic and improve the efficiency of your network. If your looking to improve your operations or monitor the health of your network and servers, DDICOM has many solutions available that can be customized for your application.

Security Policy Design
If your connected to the Internet or other WAN services and feel that you do not have control over the information transmitted across your connections, we can provide you with a tailored corporate Information Usage Policy that can outline the doís and doníts for your employees. We also provide services to implement these policies on your Information Systems to give your company the level of security for information transmission that you desire.

Advisory Services
In the world of technology, itís hard to keep up with the day-to-day vulnerabilities, patches, and upgrades to all of the hardware and software products in your inventory. At DDICOM, we offer a range of advisory services that can provide you with current security information. Clients who desire these services can either provide us with a list of information services they have or we can conduct a short on-site review to gather a list of information services. In either case, with a services list, we will use our resources to identify any platform-specific advisories, patches, bugs, fixes, or updates that are available and recommended for your information systems.
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